Med Media News
Independent videonews agency
Recorded Reggio Calabria Court n.3/94
Published by: R.L.S. soc. coop. a r. l. Catanzaro
Manager Director: Francesca Cugliandro

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Med Media News
Independent videonews agency

That's the group's videonews agency (Reg.Press n°03/94 - Reggio Calabria Court). The agency provides row videonews material filmed in standard broadcast, closed news reports of different sized for regional, national and foreign Tv news. Besides, thanks to the several co-workers, Med Media news is able to carry out every other product as regards Tv press eventually required. Med Media News is involved in crime and law news, environment and culture/tradition. It mainly works in Calabria but it also interested particularly in South Mediterranean. Med Media News publishes a Bulletin widespread via fax addressed to the managing editors of Tv networks and to the production managers. Its contents are some lists about already available or next making materials.

Med Media - Comunicazioni Integrate
via Al Foro Boario, 2
89127 Reggio Calabria

tel. 0965.591039


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