Re Niliu's Factory Catalogue

Re Niliu's Group is the musical expression of the "R.L.S." co-operative. In particular, the group is interested in ethnomusical research on regional territory since its foundation. The groups in this catalogue, which all refer to the Re Niliu's "historic" experience, propose different performances based on the study and reproposal about the regional country music.

  • Sciafr˛
    This group reproposes a catalogue of country music under a philological point of view, coming from oral tradition and played by popular instruments.

  • Re Niliu
    The group proposes a show hit on a particular re-interpretation of traditional subjects fused and worked out again with features along with rock and Mediterranean contamination. The public see the fusion of acoustic, electron-acoustic and electronic, ancient and contemporary sounds. The group, founded in 1979, is able to boast a considerable artistic carnet by the presence to festivals and concerts in Europe and North America.

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